Our Vision

We want to share the message of Jesus with people who’ve never heard about him and with people who follow him. God hasn’t called us to retreat from the world, but to enter it, and we’ve seen marriages restored, addictions overcome, and the broken hearted comforted. It’s only through Jesus that lasting change can happen.
We believe it is of utmost importance to connect with other believers, the church and of course with God. Your spiritual growth starts here as you get involved in what the church has to offer, develop healthy relationships and learn to identify with the One who created you. Getting involved at Cornerstone Church is a great way to meet new people, help with your spiritual growth, and have fun! We have many opportunities for you to “plug-in” and want to make sure your involvement is one of the best experiences you can have. Be assured, we are not going to make you do anything, but we encourage you to try us out…go at your own pace.

God wants the church to rediscover Jesus’ model of servant ministry. Jesus met both the physical and spiritual needs of the people he ministered to in the Gospels. As the body of Christ, we become his representatives to a lost world. Believers become the hands, feet, and voice of the Lord on earth. Therefore, words and actions are of eternal importance. Discipleship is not for a select group of people or scholars, but is for all Christians, whether they be pastors, professors, or plumbers. The Christian faith is more than theory taught in a classroom; it is meant to be practiced in everyday life by sharing with others. “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the word of God.”

Serving is part of our DNA here at Cornerstone. This vital step of serving others will change your heart as you continue to grow in your spiritual walk. It is through the practical serving and giving of yourself to others that you will begin to develop an understanding of the depth of God’s own love for you. Through serving you will begin to learn more about God’s purpose for your own life while impacting the world around you. Whether assisting at church functions or ministering to the community through outreach, we offer a variety of opportunities for you to utilize your natural gifts and interests while activating an unquenchable passion to know God.